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The whole browser window but a border

Filling the whole browser window except for a border is surprisingly difficult. Here are three solutions. </head> <body> <div class="outer outer1"> <div class="inner"> </div> </div> </body> </html> Instead of outer1, there is also outer2 and outer3. The solutions use different approaches: The calc() function to do math in CSS, absolute positioning with top, left, bottom, right and the new box-sizing property. Here is the stylesheet: html, body { margin: 0px;

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Docker trouble

Docker containers are great, and the Dockerfile build process is quite good, but there are pitfalls for newbies who come to Docker with a virtualization mindset. Docker containers are not light-weight VMs, because the abstraction happens at a much higher level. Docker is platform-as-a-service, not system-as-a-service. Here is a short list of issues I encountered migrating a couple of services from bare metal to Docker containers: Lack of kernel independence with SE Linux Lack of docker internals independence in the mount table.

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