AKG K601 headphone repair

I stand up, take a step from the desk, but a mix of cables was tangled around my leg, and pulled hard on my AKG K601 headphones. The left speaker stopped making a sound. This particular headphone model, which I absolutely love, is discontinued, but no worries. I suspected a broken soldering joint, which would be easy to fix. As usual, the hard part is opening the sucker up to get at the actual problem.

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N900 to HTC One X+ Headset Conversion

The N900 smart phone has a nice in-ear headset, but it doesn’t conform to current headset standards. However, headsets are incredibly simple and there is no reason to buy a new one just for such a simple compatibility problem. So here is what to do if you find yourself in this situation. The N900 headset and the HTC One X+ headset have slightly different pin-outs: The tip connects to the left speaker signal (L) on both devices.

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Weather Ballon Mission CCCamp 2011

Amazingly, the lost weather balloon from our hacker space was found in a tree in Poland one year after launching it. I was allowed to take a tiny part during the launch and attempted recovery. Thanks to the weather balloon team for that experience! The picture was taken a couple of minutes before the ballon reached maximum height at an altitude of approximately 38km. More info about the balloon mission at our hackerspace wiki.

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Solar Robo Flower

The solar robo flower follows the light… (available from Hackerspaceshop)

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Selfmade jumper wire for breadboards

  1. Find that ol’ solid copper wire in the hacker space while cleaning up the cable box.
  2. While watching a movie, idly cut the wire, strip it, and strengthen the ends with 1.6mm shrink tube.
  3. Profit!

Testing Budget LEDs

I found a source for rather inexpensive crystal clear 10mm LEDs (easyseller24.de), which I want to use in the Borg16 project. But how well do they fare, without a datasheet to rely on? Building a quick LED matrix plugged into the CNC routed board, I could compare them side-by-side. The colors orange, yellow and red are at around 2V, while the others are at around 3V, so they had to be tested in two groups.

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HSDPA USB stick repair

I noticed a friend of mine used a clothespin to keep her USB surf stick working, so I suspected a broken solder joint. It was easy to fix, so here are some disassembling instructions for that particular HUAWEI Mobile Connect (Model E160) HSDPA USB stick. It’s a real shame so much electronics is thrown away at the first sign of trouble, as quite a lot of it is actually repairable. Often it is a simple problem such as a broken solder joint due to mechanic stress or blown electrolytic caps due to wear.

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