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The FreeMD Manual

This is Edition 0.0.0, last updated 20 January 2003, of The FreeMD Manual, for Version 0.0.0 of the FreeMD library and utilities

1. Introduction  How to use this manual.

2. Preparation  What you should do before using the library.
3. Error Handling  Error numbers and their meanings.


A. Net MD Protocol  The Net MD protocol explained.
B. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  The GNU General Public License says how you can copy and share FreeMD.
C. GNU Free Documentation License  This manual is under the GNU Free Documentation License.


Concept Index  Index of concepts and programs.
Function and Data Index  Index of functions, variables and data types.

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1.1 Getting Started  Purpose of the manual, and how to use it.
1.2 Features  Reasons to install and use FreeMD.
1.3 Overview  Basic architecture of FreeMD library and utilities.


2.1 Header  What header file you need to include.
2.2 Building the Source  Compiler options to be used.
2.3 Using Automake  Compiler options to be used the easy way.
2.4 Multi Threading  How FreeMD can be used in an MT environment.

Error Handling

3.1 Error Values  A list of all error values used.
3.2 Error Strings  How to get a descriptive string from a value.

Net MD Protocol

A.1 Transferring Data  Using USB to transfer data.
A.2 Command Syntax  The structure of a command request.
A.3 Commands  The available commands.

Command Syntax

A.2.1 Basic Syntax Rules  Some general information about form.
A.2.2 Backward Compatibility  How to test for features.
A.2.3 Data Types  How to pass various information.
A.2.4 Return Status  How to tell if a command succeeded.

Data Types

A.2.3.1 Track Numbers  How track numbers are specified.
A.2.3.2 Times  How times are specified.
A.2.3.3 Encodings  How encodings are specified.
A.2.3.4 Tags  Generic data type identifiers.


A.3.1 Device Commands  Commands related to device control.
A.3.2 Disc Commands  Commands related to disk properties.
A.3.3 Track Commands  Commands related to track properties.

Device Commands

A.3.1.1 Exclusive Login  Setting up the connection.
A.3.1.2 Get Disc Count  Retrieving information about inserted discs.
A.3.1.3 Get Disc Operating Mode Status  Retrieving the operating mode.
A.3.1.4 Get Play Counter  Retrieve the current playback position.
A.3.1.5 Get Recording Parameters  Retrieving the recording parameters.
A.3.1.6 Play Audio  Set playback operating mode.
A.3.1.7 Stop Play  Stop playback.
A.3.1.8 Set Play Counter By Track  Set play counter to the beginning of a track.
A.3.1.9 Set Play Counter By Time  Set play counter within a track.
A.3.1.10 Search Audio Track  Set play counter to next or previous track.

Disc Commands

A.3.2.1 Get Disc Title  Retrieve the title of the disc.
A.3.2.2 Get Disc Flags  Retrieving the disc flags.
A.3.2.3 Get Disc Capacity  Retrieve disc size and available space.
A.3.2.4 Set Disc Title  Set the title of a disc.
A.3.2.5 Get Track Count  Retrieve the number of tracks on the disc.
A.3.2.6 Erase Disc  Turn a disc into a blank disc.

Track Commands

A.3.3.1 Get Track Title  Retrieve the title of a track.
A.3.3.2 Get Track Protection  Retrieve the protection status of a track.
A.3.3.3 Get Track Length  Retrieve the length of a track.
A.3.3.4 Get Track Encoding  Retrieve the encoding of a track.
A.3.3.5 Set Track Title  Set the title of a track.
A.3.3.7 Move Track  Move a track to a different position.

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