Cython Trouble

Here are a couple of things I experienced using Cython to wrap my C++ library grakopp: Assignment and Coercion I couldn’t find a nice way to wrap boost::variant. Although the direct approach works, an assignment to the variant requires an unsafe cast, but that also adds the overhead of a copy. To work around this, I used accessor functions (requires changing the C++ implementation). The operator= is not supported to declare custom assignment functions.

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Replacing native code with Cython

Here is a little exercise in rewriting native code with Cython while not losing performance. It turns out that this requires pulling out all the stops and applying a lot of optimization magic provided by Cython. On the other hand, the resulting code is portable to Windows without worrying about compilers etc. A real world example The example code comes from a real world project, OCRopus, a wonderful collection of OCR tools that uses latest algorithms in machine learning (such as deep learning) to transform images to text.

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