Query Semantic MediaWiki with Angular through CORS

I have a private MediaWiki with the Semantic MediaWiki extensions, to keep some personal data. Wouldn’t it be nice to query that data from some other server, or from a web app? Semantic MediaWiki has a nice API that allows us to get data in JSON format. But we need to defeat the Same-Origin-Policy that protects our servers from evil code. JSONP is a well-known method that works, but only for anonymous requests on public wikis.

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6 things you didn’t know about MediaWiki

… (and were afraid to ask). HTML Tag Scope: If you mix HTML tags with wikitext, which is allowed for so-called “transparent tags”, MediaWiki will check the element nesting independent of the wikitext structure in a preprocessing step (include/Sanitizer.php::removeHTMLtags). Later on, when parsing the wikitext, some elements may be closed automatically (for example at the end of a block). The now-dangling close tag will be ignored, although it is detached from its counterpart by then: <span style="color: red">test this</span> will result in: test this while test this</span> will result in: test this</span> This can happen across a long part of the wikitext document, with many intermediate blocks, so the treatment of close tags has a wide context-sensitivity, which is generally bad for formal parsing.

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